New Weise Falcon Motorcycle Gloves

I’ve always associated the brand with durable, no-nonsense kit, and the new Weise Falcon motorcycle gloves seem to continue that trend. They’re made from 100% full grain leather, and have all the features you’d expect from some summer gloves for a pretty reasonable £69.99.

The design isn’t particularly eye-catching, but they don’t look bad. And as long as they keep your hands protected, that’s what’s important.

The new Weise Falcon motorcycle glovesWeise Falcon gloves are available in Black and White, or plain Black
Weise Falcon gloves are available in Black and White, or plain Black

For usability, the index fingers on each hand are touchscreen compatible, so you can fiddle with your phone. And you get an elasticated section at the wrist, along with stretch panels on each finger, to give you free movement, along with a synthetic palm panel to help you grip the bars and controls.

One handy touch is the double hook-and-eye wrist closure, which allows you to choose between wearing the gloves under your jacket sleeves, or other them, as you prefer. And that’s about your lot, really. They’re a new pair of reasonably sylish and sensible summer motorcycle gloves, with the features you’d expect for a decent price.

The Weise Falcon motorcycle gloves are available in sizes S-3XL, and come in either plain Black, or a Black and White design. They cost £69.99.

Online retailers selling Weise products include Halfords, or you can find your local retailer on this map. And you can check out all of our coverage of motorcycle gloves here, or everything we’ve written about the whole Weise range, here.


New Piaggio Summer Gloves For Cooler Scooter Riders

Probably not what you want to wear for your next track day. But the new Piaggio Summer gloves for cooler scooter riders should work for quick trips into town. Or low-speed commuting. And they’re a much better choice than bare hands. Even speeds of 20-30 miles per hour can do serious damage to unprotected fingers and palms. You don’t even need to fall off, when stones and debris get flicked up at your from the wheels of other vehicles.

PIaggio Summer Gloves

The Piaggio Summer Gloves have a palm made mainly from leather-alternative Clarino. It’s broadly equivalent to cow skin, but has an advantage in being microporous. So it’ll allow heat and sweat out.

The short length gloves also have mesh panels on the back to help with ventilation. And there’s stretch fabric to you stay comfortable whilst riding. To keep the Piaggio Summer Gloves secure are a Neoprene cuff and Velcro closure.

And for protection there are thermoplastic rubber knuckle protectors.

Piaggio Summer Gloves Back

At £49, the Piaggio Summer Gloves won’t break the bank. But they do remove any excuse to ride with bare hands. Or to subject a pillion to the risk. Both things we’ve seen regularly every summer, including at motorway speeds. And that’s enough to give us nightmares about what could happen, to be honest.

If you want to stay safer, the Piaggio Summer Gloves are available in sizes S-3XL in classic Black, with the subtle Piaggio logo on the wrist. You can order them via Fowlers.

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