New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released

Nothing beats the enjoyment of actually riding a motorcycle. But as most of us probably won’t get to try a Ducati Desmosedici GP23, Honda RC213V or KTM RC16, the new MotoGP 23 videogame gives you a taste of racing against Bagnaia, Miller, Marquez and the rest of the grid.

It’s out now, and you can buy it for the PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch consoles, although it’s worth pointing out that the Switch doesn’t get all of the features added to the other versions.

The new MotoGP 23 videogame lets you live out your racing dreams - virtually at least
New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released
New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released
New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released
New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released

If you prefer racing real humans, then there’s local two-player split screen mode, a new ranked option to match you against online racers at a similar skill level (both don’t apply on the Switch). Xbox and PlayStation console owners will also be able to race against each other (cross play isn’t for the Switch or PC versions).

And if you’re new to the MotoGP 23 videogame, or want to race against less experienced friends and family, there are new ‘Neural Aids’ to help with acceleration, braking and steering. Obviously you can turn these off as you improve your skills. And if you get really good, there’s always the chance of competing in the MotoGP eSports championship as a virtual racer, part of the actual teams in the MotoGP series.

New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released
New MotoGP 23 Videogame Released

MotoGP 23 is available as a digital download for the PC via Steam, the PS4 and PS5 via the PlayStation Store, the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via the Microsoft Store, or the Switch via the Nintendo eShop. If you prefer a physical copy of your game, then you can find it at various retailers, including Game (including the exclusive Day One Edition with a VIP Multiplier Pack) and Amazon.

If you’re looking for something to practice your skills, learn new circuits or to try and encourage others into motorcycling, then check out all of our coverage of motorcycle games, here. And if you’re really into sim racing and games on two and four wheels, why not take a look at our sister site, OnlineRaceDriver, which has detailed info including things like the full track list for the MotoGP 23 game, or every bike included in titles like RIDE 5 or TrackDayR.


Bolt-In Goodness: 1982 Audi Quattro Suspension Retrofit

1982 Audi Quattro

The upgrade Mike Burroughs is doing on his Audi UR-Quattro should be a piece of cake compared to his last project.

Over the past two years, Mike Burroughs from StanceWorks has been getting loads of attention for his wicked Honda-swapped Ferrari. Now, he’s working on a new project, and it’s of a considerably less heretical nature. The goal of his latest build is to create the ultimate street version of the Audi UR-Quattro, and he’s off to a fantastic start. In his latest video, we get to learn about his plans for the suspension, and why he decided to go the route he did.

While Burroughs is a master fabricator, he isn’t an Audi expert, so he turned to one of his buddies that it is —Brian Scotto from Hoonigan — for some help. Scotto has a love affair with the Four Rings, and since he’s also a well-known parts hoarder, he also had the complete running gear from a Quattro Coupe on hand. As Burroughs explains, though it’s more refined than the stock hardware, given the family history, it’ll bolt right into his 1982 model.

But while this swap will require far less fabrication than the Mount Everest-level required to marry Maranello’s bodywork with the mighty K24 engine, it’s still a big job. And the first step is taking everything apart. That’s what we see in this video, and if you’re like me, getting to watch teardown without having to get your hands dirty or draw blood is like getting into a hot tub after some time on the slopes. By which I mean awesome.

For the most part, everything goes smoothly. That said, Burroughs did encounter a few issues. One seems to be the result of some previous wrenching, as an improperly oriented bolt meant the brake caliper had to come off to undo the shock. The control arm bushings are also fuzed in place, and even hitting them with a torch didn’t help loosen things up, so he ordered a special tool to pop them. The bearings in the steering knuckles proved even more stubborn, and even with heat and 10,000 pounds of force from his hydraulic press, they remained seated. So their removal will be covered in another episode.

At this point, Burroughs is faced with a choice. The hubs are a unique 4×108 pattern, and while he’s considering drilling them out, the easier path would just be to upgrade to the five-lug S2 units and call it good. That tactic would line up with the rest of the build, as one of the reasons he’s doing this swap is part availability. For example, the stock suspension integrates the knuckle and strut into one unit, which would make it tough to swap to coilovers.

But what would you do here? Is there a good reason to drill out the hubs? Or is the five-lug swap a no-brainer? Hit me up and let me know! 

Image Source: YouTube

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Master Craftsman Builds Audi Skysphere Replica for Daughter

Audi skysphere Replica

It might not feature all the trick technology of the Skysphere concept car, but this wooden replica is incredible all the same.

The Audi Skysphere is a stunning concept that redefines the very idea of what a car can be. Along with next-generation tech like Level 4 autonomy, the 624-horsepower electric dream machine features an adjustable wheelbase, meaning drivers can opt for the dimensions of either a small sports car or a more luxurious GT cruiser. And for the record? While the replica shown here does run and drive, it doesn’t feature any of that other tech — but it’s still incredible.

Built over the course of two and a half months by ND – Woodworking Art, the creation was a gift for the master craftsman’s daughter, and watching it come together in this time-lapse video is absolutely fascinating. So if you’ve ever looked at the roadside woodcarvers turning tree stumps into sculptures of bears and been impressed at their skill? Prepare to be blown away. Because while he begins with just a few planks on a bare concrete floor, this incredible artisan is able to replicate the lines and proportions of Audi’s Skysphere with a level of accuracy that would make Ingolstadt’s stylists proud.

The entire video is hypnotic, but I think my favorite sections are the ones where he’s using the chainsaw to rough out elements like the front fenders. The level of precision he’s able to achieve, all while keeping each side symmetrical, boggles the mind. I also liked seeing him use a chisel to delicately shape all the components of the steering wheel, and loved how it all snapped together like an ornate piece of old-world furniture at the end.

While the drivetrain is obviously metal, and there are a couple of hinges under the hood, virtually everything on this replica is made from wood — even the wheels were turned on a lathe!

As you might expect, this isn’t ND – Woodworking Art’s first rodeo. His YouTube channel is packed with other wild wood creations, including a tank, a steam train, a Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, and a Lamborghini Vision GT. Given how good he is at rendering cars in wood, I’m curious as to what some of the stuff he does for his day job looks like. Can you imagine what a staircase, bookshelf, or dresser looks like when built with this level of talent?

Photos: Audi, YouTube

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These are the Audi Sport Quattro Replicas of Your Dreams

Audi Sport Quattro Replica

Inspired by Audi’s Group B car, these replicas from LCE High Performance are fitting tributes to a legendary rally weapon.

Replica cars are a funny thing. Personally, I’ve never seen the appeal of a Fiero-based Lamborghini, or a C4 Corvette Fauxrarri. But there are a few cases — think Porsche 356, Lancia Stratos, Jaguar C-Type — where the replicas can be as good, or even better, than the cars that inspired them. And if you’re looking for a replica of Audi’s legendary Sport Quattro, LCE High Performance is the place to go.

The German company will build one to your exact specifications, whether they be rally, road, or somewhere in between, and the gallery on its website is simply wicked. Power figures start at the 300 horsepower mark, and many flavors of the Sport Quattro are represented. If you want to look like you’ve just rolled in from a Group B stage, there’s the S1 E2, which comes with a roll cage, full carbon body kit, and brakes plucked from a Porsche GT3 RS.

The S1 E2 Pikes Peak features an even splashier livery, and the running gear is as bombastic as the sheet metal. Like all the replicas, there’s a 5-cylinder 20V turbo under the hood. But in this spec, that mill can be stoked to a whopping 750 horsepower. A six-speed manual sends power to all four corners, and since the total weight of the package is around 2,500 pounds, it’ll be an absolute riot to drive.

Of course, if you’re concerned that much power could turn you into a crimson stain on the pavement, there’s the more conservative S1 E2 Rallye version. Here, the running gear — including the axles, differentials, and brakes — from an Audi S2 are utilized, and there’s a five-speed stick backing everything up. At 450 horsepower, poke is still robust, but not obscene like it is with the weapons-grade Pikes Peak.

Prices for a LCE High Performance Audi Sport Quattro Replicas start at $147,000. And while that’s not exactly chump change, it’s still far less than what an original S1 E2 will fetch — provided you can even find one. To see one of these babies in action, check out the video below to see one of its prototypes hitting the ‘Ring. The noise from the high-strung five-pot is off the chain, so turn up the volume, and look for fire-spitting goodness around the 1:20 mark!

Photos: LCE High Performance

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Ken Block: Electrikhana is a Dream Come True

Ken Block

Taking Audi’s iconic rally cars into the future was a labor of love for the Gymkhana superstar, and enthusiasts got the goods.

When Ken Block first teamed up with Audi to help develop electric vehicles, he revealed that watching Group B — and the company’s legendary S1 E2 — was what inspired him to become a rally driver. So working with the wizards of the Four Rings on the Audi S1 HOONITRON, then using it to tear up the streets of Sin City for the ELECTRIKHANA video was a dream come true. Even by Block’s lofty standards, the latest entry in his Gymkhana series is a riot to watch — and now that the smoke has settled, he’s giving us a peek behind the scenes.

Of course, there’s no question that the HOONITRON is a new-school machine. So it was interesting to see that some of the techniques used to construct it are as old-world as it gets. I’m talking specifically about the fact that before the final bodywork was completed, the prototype was sculpted in clay. Given how much can be done with 3D modeling today, the choice to use a physical medium to massage the lines was an interesting one.

But it’s hard to argue with results, and as James Bond taught us in Skyfall, “sometimes the old ways are best.”

As Bastian Rosenauer, Chief Engineer of the HOONITRON project explains, making a high-performance electric vehicle with the level of maneuverability Block requires for his videos was no easy feat. Specifically, the extremely short wheelbase meant finding a place for the battery was a challenge. And obviously, weight distribution — along with giving the machine the proper center of gravity — was a big factor as well. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Block describes the finished product as the most advanced drift car he’s ever driven.

At this point, exactly what’s next for the Hoonitron remains to be seen. But given the fact that Audi is headed toward an all-electric lineup, and has no intentions of letting its motorsport involvement fall by the wayside, you can bet some of the lessons learned here will be used to craft other weapons-grade kit. Perhaps someday, we’ll even see Audi return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans with an electric endurance car…

Photos: Audi

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