Top 5 Audi Cars of the 2000s

Audi RS 4 Lineup

The top 5 Audi cars of the 2000s continued Audi’s revitalization, which featured styling and performance as the hallmarks of the brand.

Ten short years had transformed Audi’s fortunes. The company that once debated pulling out of the U.S. market in the 1990s was now going full steam in the 2000s. A revamped upscale product line competed with other luxury brands, including BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz. The factory racing team dominated motor racing with nine outright wins at Le Mans. To capitalize on that success, Audi revived the RS performance line, which eventually permeated every model in its lineup.

5. 8J Audi TT

2007 Audi TT

An all-new second-generation Audi TT Coupe launched in 2007. It retained the style of the previous car but with a more handsome, masculine look. That look also set the tone for the other Audi models that followed. The revised trapezoidal grille found its way to all of the other cars in its lineup. Interiors shed large amounts of wood veneer in favor of various metals. The TT also became more performance-focused with sharper reflexes, more powerful engines, and eventually, S and RS models. It was no longer just a pretty car. Now it was bolder with the performance to back it up.

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